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Diriyah Company

oomph • Norstat • Decision Juice • Relative Insight

The collective purpose

The Saudi National Vision 2030 included creating a historic, cultural and commercial destination. In the desert. Find a CX strategy for that.

Purpose to practice

We worked with the sales, marketing and product teams to project what the future visitors profile could look like and, crucially, created a journey model based on the idea of ‘A journey of possibility’. We wanted to build on the idea that not only was visiting a previously closed country now possible, but it was full of amazing experience possibilities.

Collective Thinking

oomph developed the journey and segmentation methodology and worked with Norstat to do the hardyards to find a respondent group of HNWI from five continents plus Saudi nationals, Decision Juice helped us build need.states into the survey and Relative Insight gave us the insights from anecdotal, unstructured text that gave real insight into the possibilities for the Diriyah brand.

What we were proud of

Choosing to go on a transformational journey with a client that carries a lot of issues in its history was a big decision for us. We feel that we have been helping Diriyah in a direction which is opening up access to a fabulous and undiscovered culture – outside of KSA – as well as promoting new ways of thinking about sustainability to a major international development project. And we can drop our B Corp status into conversations too!


Diriyah Company


International tourism


2021 – 2024

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