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The collective purpose

COVID struck and we wanted to help organisations like us think through it not in it.

Purpose to practice

We created a research model to test COVID19 impact on individual economic status and wellbeing, linked to their experience of using an organisation’s product or services.

We worked with 25 clients (an extended collective!) and surveyed over 3000 people.

There have been 2 further waves, output has been used by clients (Mercedes, Sport Wales), presented at three global platforms and turned into insight recognising how poorly the vulnerable were serviced by COVID initiatives by government and corporations.

10,000 people now surveyed and counting.

Collective Thinking

oomph developed the methodology with support from Station 10. Norstat found the panel, Station 10 and oomph talked to our clients to involve them in the survey, Decision juice was the platform and Station 10 crunched the data, the qual was put through Relative Insight and oomph wrote the output reports.

What we were proud of

There is lots to be proud of, our innovative Impact Indicator method, the three wave longitudinal study, our UK Business Hero award from the UK Chamber of Commerce and sharing on an open data platform. But our work on the lack of impact of COVID interventions on the most vulnerable, done in collaboration with the Henley Business School, has left us with a feeling of creating hugely actionable insight that can improve people’s lives.




Public, Commercial and Not-For-Profit


2020 – 2024

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