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Marketing Manchester

oomph • Norstat • Decision Juice • Relative Insight • CIPo

The collective purpose

We were asked to find a new way of segmenting visitors to Manchester that gave the stakeholders a view of the real value of the visit.

Purpose to practice

The ‘foundational intelligence’ inside the client team was extensive as we built a picture of the most valuable visitors to Manchester. We were able to take the hypotheses from this insight and design it into our survey structure so we could capture real understanding of leisure and business visitor needs. Our data model was designed around three lenses of segment, need and journey, giving a holistic picture to all stakeholders.

Collective Thinking

Decision Juice was at the heart of this project, allowing us to design journeys and need questioning into the survey. Norstat had to source a panel that went to outside the UK as well as considering regional and national visitors. Our new OMP member, CIPo, was also utilised as a way of simply presenting the three lens data to non-data expert stakeholders. And they could start to see the relative value of satisfying different needs to the Greater Manchester development strategy.

What we were proud of

We felt this project really pushed the innovation of oomph in establishing a measurement model for visitor value. It was encompassed in the ‘Visit Manchester Well’ journey, linking cultural, community and environmental engagement as well as economic contribution. We can see it taking hold as an idea across other projects for the wider stakeholder and partner group.


Marketing Manchester


International tourism


2023 – 2024

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