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The collective purpose

An organisation looking to improve its member experience when members fees are industry mandatory and global alternatives are developing quickly. Navigating a perfect storm.

Purpose to practice

Our first task was, with senior stakeholders, to set the organisation’s goals around membership experience and not just membership. We had some cultural transformation goals to hit along the way as well as technology, communications and process.

Collective Thinking

The partnership with Norstat was critical in finding a group of non-members who would also be advocates of the IFoA. As we moved out of research into CX design, we utilised Carbon 6 Digital’s deep .NET technology experience to ensure we could launch an MVP website inside of critical business milestones whilst other major infrastructure projects were also progressing – with dependencies.

What we were proud of

Working with stakeholders right across the IFoA from CEO office to tech, communications and community teams was a very rewarding experience, But proudest was to rebuild the website on a new, future proof .NET technology inside 7 months to reach the MVP solution we had prescribed.


Institute and Faculty of Actuaries


Global accreditation and membership


2021 – 2024

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