A cx-centered collective with purpose.

Put your customers at the front of your thinking.

Over 1m humans reached,
across 35 countries, for over 300 clients

Why we’re here

Our collective has a common goal to create sustainable customer experience strategies and design for organisations.

Everyone in the collective has to be really good at one of these CX (Customer Experience) domains:

Research and data science

Methods, platforms and people that unearth unique insights into the behaviour of people and organisations.

Human Experience

Consultative and design specialists developing optimisation programmes and experiences to create value for both organisations and the people they serve.

Technology Innovation

Coders, companies and platforms that build tools and solutions to improve the experience of service users across sectors.

OMP will bring the deepest expertise
together in one cx-centred place.
So you don’t have to.

Q: Who’s in the collective?

A: Enterprises that understand people or make an experience better.

They also follow a common purpose of doing good business to create a collective passion, a collective spirit and a collective set of skills.

Human Experience


A global CX specialist consultancy, oomph provides advice on sustainable CX strategies and program implementation for public, private and not for profit organisations.

Research and Data Science

Decision Juice

A massqual survey platform that builds qualitative and quantitative insight at scale in days.

Research and Data Science

Norstat UK

As well as providing access to the most responsive and comprehensive B2B and B2C communities across the globe, Norstat has a super simple express survey for immediate dipstick insight.

Technology Innovation

Relative Insight

As well as providing access to the most responsive and comprehensive B2B and B2C communities across the globe, Norstat has a super simple express survey for immediate dipstick insight.

Technology Innovation

Station 10

A global leading data science house, big on big data initiatives, performance marketing platforms and the latest development in AI.

Technology Innovation

Carbon Six Digital

Digital platform deep build expertise across websites, intranets, portals and eCommerce.

Technology Innovation

Rubber Cheese

Rubber Cheese builds remarkable websites and apps to deliver exceptional experiences for visitor attractions and tourist destinations; leading to improved conversions, increased ticket sales, and happy visitors.

Human Experiences

Coming soon

A specialist in repurposing content for clients across the globe.

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oomph • Relative Insight | Station 10 | Norstat


Human Experiences

Research and Data Science


oomph | Norstat | Decision Juice | Relative Insight

Diriyah Company

Technology Innovation

Human Experiences


oomph | Norstat | Decision Juice | Relative Insight | CIPo

Marketing Manchester

Human Experiences

Technology Innovation

Our purpose

The OMP collective is committed to doing good business, inspired by the principles of B Corp.

Here is our version of doing good business:

01 Wellbeing economics

We try to judge ourselves on outcomes that help to create the ability for people to lead the kinds of lives they value and have reason to value.

02 Sustainable customer experience

At the heart of everything we do is a focus on the experience of our clients’ customers, service users, supporters or members. If we can assist in the sustainable improvement of this metric then everyone benefits.

03 Mindful guidance

We provide thoughtful advisory services and training to organisations to help them navigate through changing customer behaviours and consider the impact of transformation programmes.

04 A collective spirit

An OMP enterprise is treated as part of a family but has to be individually sustainable. It has its own team but actively shares success and stories across the group.

05 Re-usable tools and technology

We build and deploy specialist CX-related tools that make the process of sustainably improving customer experience simpler and more affordable.

06 Client success

Our work is judged by the success of our clients. So we have teams aligned to our clients objectives.

07 Pinpoint delivery

Our design and development services to organisations are quality assured to help improve customers experiences.